The Future of Mining Is Autonomous

Mining is a pillar industry in Canada. We are on a mission to empower mining with AI. The mining industry is facing a number of challenges, from increasing demands for productivity to increasing safety for its miners.

Our autonomous solution for underground haulage trucks

Our autonomous haulage system for underground mining trucks includes Lidar, radar, camera, and infrared sensor, as well as the controller with our AI-powered autonomous software. Our proprietary multi-modal localization algorithm enables autonomous haulage trucks seamlessly navigate from underground to overground or vice versa.

Improved Safety and Productivity

With our autonomous solution, one miner could monitor up to ten autonomous mining trucks in a comfortable control room. This improves safety since it removes miners from the dangerous and hazardous underground environment, and also improves productivity since it enables the equipment works 24-hour shifts.

Our Virtual Testing

Through our simulation platform, our autonomous haulage system has been extensively tested in the virtual underground mining environment.

Verified at NORCAT

In partnership with NORCAT underground mine in Sudbury in Ontario, we are testing the first Made-in-Canada autonomous haulage system for underground mining.

Towards Autonomous Underground Mining

We believe the future of underground mining is autonomous. We are paving the way towards autonomous loading, hauling, and dumping for underground mining.