The Future of Mining Is Autonomous

Mining is one of the pillar industry of Canada’s economy. LoopX, as an AI-driven autonomy solution company, is ready on a mission to empower mining with AI.

We See the Potential.

Refer to grand view research, the global mining equipment market size was estimated at $129.11 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to expand at a compounded annual growth rate of 5.1% from 2022 to 2030.

We face the challenges.

The productivity of mining (exclude oil and gas) in recent decade is in drastic decline (28% drop than mid-2000), with human labor as the number one key factor behind it, according to McKinsey research. Metal mining industry today witness little changes than 50 years ago.

We pursue the top-notch technology

The core objective of LoopX’s AI technology is to transform traditional mining into smart mining by improving productivity and preventing human accidents. The LoopX co-pilot upgrades teleoperation capability to traditional mining equipment, reducing human labours in mining operations.

Introducing LoopX’s Smart Case – a unified multi-sensing and edge computing device for autonomous driving in mining vehicles. It acts a peripheral of the drive-by-wire mining vehicle, that enables the transformation autonomy.

To guarantee safety, LoopX’s autonomous driving system has been extensively tested its functionalities and robustness in the mining simulation environment.

Our Autonomy Solutions

LoopX Co-Pilot Can Be Installed On Mining Vehicles. It Adds Smart Features To Traditional Mining Equipment:

  • Tele-Operation For Excavate Task
  • Autonomous Driving For Tunnel-To-Surface Driving
  • One-Remote-Operator-To-Many-Vehicles
  • Smart Traffic Planner To Move More Tonnes To Surface

We Value Cooperations

As the MICA SME member, LoopX will be focusing on our first pilot autonomous mining project with our mining operators. We retrofit traditional mining equipments to perform autonomous operation with Rogers’ 5G support. LoopX and our mining industry partners believe autonomous is the future of mining.