Frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was LoopX founded?2022-04-20T03:52:08+00:00

LoopX was founded in 2021 when the Covid-19 pandemic brought about significant disruption to the delivery services industry — from the shortage of human couriers to the rising costs of labor. These factors have led to increasing demands for autonomous robots for last-mile delivery.

Where are we at?2022-04-20T03:52:49+00:00

We completed our MVP(Minimum Viable Products) in December 2021, and we will launch our trial operation in Uni. Of Waterloo Plaza in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Is our robot legal in North America?2022-04-20T03:53:12+00:00

States are increasingly introducing new legislation to legalize the use of sidewalk delivery robots —— Personal Delivery Devices (PDD) in the US or Micro Utility Devices (MUD) in Canada. Our robot is fully insured and allowed to operate in private areas, such as school campuses and industrial parks, etc. In the future, we will expand our Operation Design Domain (ODD) to public roads.

Is our robot safe?2022-04-20T03:54:37+00:00

Safety is our first priority. We provide safer autonomous delivery services through our advanced hybrid autonomous driving system, which integrates Level 4 autonomy with 5G-based teleoperation to ensure safety in normal and corner cases.


How can I be a partner with LoopX.ai?2022-04-20T03:56:39+00:00

We are seeking great partners. Please send your information to info@loopx.ai, we will reach out.

Who are we?2022-04-20T04:02:10+00:00

LoopX.ai is the first Canadian start-up company focusing on self-developed intelligent autonomous mobile robots to provide customers a safer, more economical and more reliable last-mile delivery services.

What is our business model?2022-04-20T04:04:12+00:00

LoopX is running with a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model. We partner with conventional online delivery platforms and local merchants such as restaurants and grocery stores, to provide delivery services using our intelligent robots. We charge partners more affordable delivery fees per service ranges.

How is LoopX different from other autonomous and robotics companies?2022-04-20T04:05:44+00:00

LoopX is Waterloo-based technology startup founded by a global team from North America and China. Our combination of advanced technologies in vehicle electrification, autonomous driving, and robotics enables us to run faster in the iteration of products.

How do I place an order with LoopX.ai? How does the delivery service work?2022-04-20T04:08:24+00:00

Customers can either call our partner restaurants to place an order with LoopX autonomous delivery or place an order through our online delivery platform. When the robot arrives, the user will receive an automatic phone call. The user can type in the given password to unlock the compartment door. After it’s done, the robot will be arranged to serve the next user.

What do we deliver?2022-04-20T04:51:51+00:00

We can deliver restaurant food, grocery, pharmacy goods, etc.

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