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Providing Vehicle-Agnostic Autonomy: An AI-powered Solution for Diverse Vehicles

LoopX AI is a Canadian startup founded by a group of roboticists from the University of Waterloo in January 2022. It provides “Vehicle-Agnostic Autonomy”, an AI-powered autonomy solutions for vehicles that are not limited to a specific type. They started by creating Canada’s first all-weather autonomous last-mile delivery robot, called GoosEx™ (US Trademark Registered), which was deployed on the University of Waterloo campus.

“From Tacos to Titanium”

LoopX AI has now shifted its focus from delivery to mining. They believe that autonomous mining is more feasible, scalable, and profitable. Their proprietary solution for autonomous mining improves safety and productivity dramatically, making them a leader in the autonomous underground mining industry.

So far, LoopX’s US patent “Fusion Vehicle Positioning System” has been filed.

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