The Future of Mining Is Autonomous

Mining is one of the pillar industry of Canada’s economy. LoopX, as an AI-driven autonomy solution company, is ready on a mission to empower mining with AI.

Experience Smarter, Safer and More Efficient Mining Operations

85% of the accidents are caused by human operation error in typical mining operation. Even if the safety protocol is strictly executed, however, operation error is still unavoidable in the haulage tasks.

Transform Your Mining Operation with LoopX’s Innovative Vehicle-Agnostic Autonomy Technology

LoopX strives to address the issue by applying cutting-edged autonomous driving technologies, providing a reliable safety layer for the underground machinery operators while maximizing the operation efficiency.


ClairAlert™ Operator Alert System

ClairAlert™ is a next-gen alert system to maximize operation safety and efficiency in underground mining scenarios. The assist not only offers a safe and reliable path through detecting and avoiding the potential hazardous factors (rough terrains, obstacles) in real-time, but also remind the driver if distraction/fatigue is detected.


– Decreases the workload for underground machinery operators.

– User-friendly driver interface.

– IP-65 hardware for underground harsh condition.

– Easy to setup and maintain.

Customized Solution

Mining Autonomy

By applying the vehicle-agnostic autonomy, Loopx empowers your business towards a higher level of autonomy based on your needs


– Robust perception

– High fidelity localization and mapping

– Interaction-aware vehicle planning

– Motion controller and torque controller design

– Fleet management

Our Working Procedures

From Zero To Hero

Virtual Simulation Testing

During the development stage, all functionalities have been thoroughly tested on LoopX’s virtual Simulation Platform toenhance the system’s performance and fulfill the specific functional and safety prerequisites of our customers.

Verified at NORCAT

In partnership with NORCAT underground mine in Sudbury in Ontario, we are testing the first Made-in-Canada autonomous haulage system for underground mining.

Field Support and Aftersales Service

At LoopX, we value our customers and provide exceptional field support and aftersales service. Our dedicated team is always available to assist with any question or concerns, striving to exceed expectations and deliver-top-notch services.

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