About LoopX

LoopX is founded by a group of dreamers who are determined to better the world through autonomous robots. We are re-imagining the future of goods transportation by bringing affordable delivery services and smart retail to you. Our intelligent robots are safe, eco-friendly and are here to help you and our local community thrive.


Flat $2 delivery, no tips

1. Place your delivery order

Place your delivery order

You can place a delivery order through one of our partners. You only pay $2 for the delivery fee and no tipping is necessary for our robot.

2. Track your delivery order

Track your delivery order

You can track your delivery order through the link we text to your cellphone. Our robot will arrive at your place within 30 minutes.

3. Pick up your delivery order

Pick up your delivery order

When the robot arrives, we will text you a pass code to unlock one of the lockers on the robot. You can pick up your delivery without any human contact.


Autonomous driving solutions for everybody

LoopX is partnering with Visionary Semiconductor Inc. (VSemi) for a 3D autonomous parking project supported by Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI).

LoopX won top prize in the 5G Transportation Challenge sponsored by Rogers and the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network, and will be partnering with Rogers to develop a 5G Multi-access Edge Computing system (MEC) that gives software developers cloud-computing capabilities.


Cost Effective

Autonomous Driving System


Closed-loop Simulation

All-Weather and All-Day

Delivery Capability

Our robots are truly autonomous. They feature innovative, learning-based algorithms and cost-effective sensors to deliver 360° perception and centimeter-level positioning.

Our high-fidelity closed-loop simulation enables fast and realistic testing of the entire software stack.

Using advanced chassis control techniques and datasets gathered in harsh Canadian winters, our robots provide all-weather and all-day reliable delivery services.

Team Members

Chao Yu

Chao Yu is the founder and CEO of LoopX AI. He has over 10 years of engineering experience in vehicle electrification and autonomous driving in China and North America.

Ling Loerchner

Mrs. Ling Loerchner serves as the senior advisor at LoopX AI. She is working at the University of Waterloo as the Chief Commercialization Officer & Global Managing Director. She holds an MBA from Laurier University.

Yaodong Cui

Yaodong Cui is the co-founder and CIO at LoopX AI. He has over 5 years of working experience in perception fusion for autonomous driving.

Haomin Zheng

Haomin is the technical lead of LoopX AI. He has over 5 years of engineering experience in mobile robots and drones.

Ben MacCallum

Ben MacCallum is the lead of the operations team. He has over 2 years of experience in control and path planning for autonomous driving.

Jiaming Zhong

Jiaming Zhong is the technical lead of motion planning and control. He has over 5 years of industrial working experience in many electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle projects.

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