Operation Awareness System

LoopX Operation Awareness System (OAS) employs smart sensors and AI to collect data and detect safety risks and inefficiencies in mining operations, creating insightful reports for mine operators, and delivering real-time awareness to equipment operators.

Operation Awareness System

The Problem

Operating equipment in underground mines is challenging, often being Dirty, Dull, and Dangerous. The large size of mining machinery creates significant blind spots, making it difficult for operators to see obstacles in the dark and confined mine settings. As more and more mining operations delve deeper underground, these safety issues become more pronounced. The interaction of mobile equipment has emerged as the leading safety risk in these environments.

LoopX Operation Awareness System tackles these issues.

How It Works

Our Operation Awareness System uses machine vision trained with mining data to detect people, vehicles like loaders and trucks, and infrastructure. When it senses a possible collision, it immediately alerts with sound and visual warnings, helping to prevent accidents.



Unlike conventional tag-based collision awareness systems, it doesn’t rely on external tags like RFID for obstacle detection.


It uses AI to identify collision risks and operational inefficiencies, provides insightful reports to safety managers and real-time alerts to mine operators.

Easy to Use

With full compliance with EMERST Level 7 safety standards, it is user-friendly and can be easily mounted on various mining equipment, offering a plug-and-play experience.


Enhanced Safety

It provides real-time situational awareness to both mine operators and equipment operators, empowers them to make informed decisions, creating a significantly safer work environment for all stakeholders.

Learn More

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