Advanced Driver Assistance System

LoopX Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is build upon our Operation Awareness System (OAS) by adding intervention control features. Besides alerting operators like the OAS, the ADAS further enhance safety with features like automatic braking, speed control, etc. It not only spots potential problems but also takes preventative control actions when needed.

Advanced Driver Assistance System


The Problem

Even with the implementation of a collision awareness system in underground mining, there are several challenges and potential problems:

Limited Reaction Time for Drivers: Even with collision warnings, drivers may not always have sufficient time to react appropriately, especially in fast-paced or unexpected situations.
Emergency Obstacles: Sudden emergence of obstacles, such as falling rocks or equipment malfunctions, can be difficult for the system to predict and for drivers to react to in time.
System Overreliance: There’s a risk that drivers might become overly reliant on the collision awareness system, potentially leading to reduced vigilance and slower response times in critical situations.

LoopX Advanced Driver Assistance System solves these problems.

How It Works

Our Advanced Driver Assistance System not only detects unexpected events like a pedestrian suddenly appearing, but also takes immediate action. When a risk is identified, the system not only issues warnings but also intervenes by controlling the vehicle, such as activating emergency brakes, to prevent collisions.


Powered by advanced AI models, it can distinguish between various scenarios and trigger interventions only when necessary, avoiding unnecessary disruptions and enhancing operational efficiency. Engineered with redundant sensing mechanisms, ensuring obstacle detection and intervention control in all conditions, making it a fail-safe solution. Unlike conventional tag-based collision avoidance systems, our AIS doesn’t rely on external tags like RFID for obstacle detection. It meticulously designed to meet EMERST Level 9 safety standards.


Enhanced Safety

It not only offers real-time situational awareness but also proactive control for equipment operators, aiding them in making informed decisions and timely responses, thereby greatly enhancing the safety of the work environment for all involved.

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